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Support and Movements UHS MCAT & MDCAT Biology Entry Tests

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Here you can find Support and Movements UHS MCAT & MDCAT Biology Entry Tests. Ever best free entry test online preparation. Therefore, now you don’t need to pay for online test preparation.

As you know, University of Health Sciences (UHS) holds MCAT & MDCAT examinations. Therefore, our online tests are according to UHS pattern. All online tests include MCQs type questions, just like UHS official MCAT & MDCAT tests.

Support and Movements UHS MCAT & MDCAT Biology Entry Tests

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Support and Movements Test

Total No. of MCQs: 25
Time Limit: No

In animals that lack a hard skeleton a fluid filled gastrovascular cavity or coelom can act as ?

Hydrostatic skeleton is found in ?

Sclerenchyma cells have thick secondary cell walls usually impregnated with ?

Turgor pressure is generated by high osmotic pressure of ?

The type of growth in which growing tip of young stem moves in zigzag fashion due to alternate changes in growth on opposite sides of the apex is called ?

Collenchymatous cells in plants give support to ?

In most trees the inactive non-conducting wood is called ?

The word tropic is derived from Greek word

In the stem of sunflower vascular bundles are strengthened by additional sclerenchma fibers which form ?

In animals support is provided by ?

In most terrestrial plants the major mechanical stress in imposed by ?

Exoskeleton is secreted by ?

The word tropic is derived from Greek word

Callus unites the branxhes during ?

The passive movement of chloroplast due to cyclosis is the best example of positive ?

The non-directional movements of parts of plant in response to external stimuli are called ?

In animals support is provided by ?

The turgor pressure is extremely important to maintain ?

Increased in stem thickness is caused by ?

The membrane that bounds vacuole is called ?

Bean plants and some members of legume family lower their leaves in the evening and reals them in the morning these are known as ?

An increase in plant girth due to activity of vascular canbium is called ?

The place of attachment of leaf with the shoot is called ?

Which one of the following is not an autonomic movement ?

Auxins inhibit the growth of ?

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