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Study of Molecules UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests

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Here you can find Study of Molecules UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests. Ever best free entry test online preparation. Therefore, now you don’t need to pay for online test preparation.

As you know, University of Health Sciences (UHS) holds MCAT & MDCAT examinations. Therefore, our online tests are according to UHS pattern. All online tests include MCQs type questions, just like UHS official MCAT & MDCAT tests.

Study of Molecules UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests

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Study Of Molecules Test

MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests Biology Preparation

Total No. of MCQs: 25
Time Limit: No

A basic knowledge of Biochemistry is essential for understanding ?

The specific heat of vaporization of water is 574 Kcal/Kg which plays an important role in the regulation heat produced ?

Those reactions in which simpler substances are combined together to form complex substances are called ?

Evaporation of only two ml out of one litre of water, lowers the temperature of the remaining 998 ml by ?

A branch of Biology which deals with the study of chemical components and chemical processes in living organisms is known as ?

Human tissues contain about 20% water in bone cells and 85% in ?

Water also forms a fluid cushion around organs that helps to protect them from ?

C-C bonds form a skeleton of ?

Milk,sugar,starches,paper, and root tubers are example of ?

Life of an organism depends upon the ceaseless chemical activities in its ?

In amino acids the peptide bond is formed by the combination of carbon with ?

When a carbon atom combines with four atoms or radicals the four bonds are arranged symmetrically in a ?

All the chemical reaction taking place within a cell are collectively called ?

Almost all the reactions of a cell occur in the presence of ?

Carbon is the basic element of ?

Water has great ability of absorbing heat with minimum of change in its own ?

Water works as temperature stabilizer for organisms in the environment and hence protects living material against sudden ?

Large organic molecules such as cellulose, fats proteins are also known as ?

Photosynthesis, respiration, digestion and muscle contraction can all be described in ?

Covalent bond stores large amount of ?

In different organisms the amount of water varies from ?

All living things are made of certain chemical compounds, which are generally classified us ?

The survival of an organism depends upon its ability to take some chemicals from its environment and use them to make chemicals of its own ?

Water is affective lubricant that provides protection against damage resulting from ?

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