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Spotting Errors MCQ’s Test 6 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests

MCAT MDCAT English Preparation

Here you can find Spotting Errors MCQ’s Test 6 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests. Ever best free entry test online preparation. Therefore, now you don’t need to pay for online test preparation.

As you know, University of Health Sciences (UHS) holds MCAT & MDCAT examinations. Therefore, our online tests are according to UHS pattern. All online tests include MCQs type questions, just like UHS official MCAT & MDCAT tests.

Spotting Errors MCQ’s Test 6 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests

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NOTE: Don’t forget to check answers of all MCQs at the end of the test T result page. You can memorize all the answers & attempt again. In this way you can improve your test result.

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MCAT-and-MDCAT-Test-Preparation-English Tests-cover

English Spotting Errors test 6

Total No. of MCQs:25

Time Limit: No

When the dent No errorist came in:/(A)my tooth was stopped aching /(B)out of fear that I might lose my tooth /(C)No error

Ordinarily, when in difficulty/(A)Rashid prefers keeping her counsel/(B)than running about /(C)taking advice/(D)No error

The chief idea of/(A)very common type of traveler/(B)is to see as many /(C)objects of interest as he possibly could/(D)No error

The teacher was angry/(A)when he found that/(B)you are not there/(C)No error

I would like you to/(A)complete this assignment /(B)before you will leave for Bombay/(C)No error

He very promptly/(A)withdraw the remarks/(B)made by hi/(C)on my office note/(D)No error

One of his many/(A)good traits that /(B)come to my mind/(C)was his modesty /(D)No error

When he went out/(A)he left that radio on/(B)so that his parents shall think/(C)that he was still in the house/(D)No error

The child/(A)picked up a burned paper/(B)from the street /(C)No error

Two-thirds of the book/(A)were/(B)rubbish /(C)No error

The demand of the workers union/(A)that the dismissed employee/(B)to be reinstated, has/(C)been accepted by the management/(D)No error

The parents scolded the child/(A)for having broke the window/(B)but their words fell/(C)on deaf ears/(D)No error

He laid unconscious for half an hour/(A)are applying/(B)for this job/(C)No error

None of my friends/(A)are applying /(B)for this job/(C)No error

Qadir was leading/(A)a happy and leisurely /(B)life after his retirement/(C)from service/(D)No error

Many a student/(A)are frustrated /(B)because of unemployment/(C)No error

It is true/(A)that the poor is unable/(B)to get nourishing food even today/(C)No error

There is no doubt/(A)that the majority of workers/(B)is in favor of the proposal/(C)No error

People have a right to criticize/(A)but at the same time /(B)each of them/(C)have to remember his duty also/(D)No error

When I went/(A)to Sarwar's house /(B)his mother told me/(C)that he was gone out of the country /(D)No error

The foremost criterion of selection we adopted/(A)were the number of years of training/(B)a dancer had received/(C)under a particular guru/(D)No error

One of the drawbacks/(A)of modern education are/(B)that it does not encourage original thinking/(C)No error

I can't understand why/(A)he did not told me/(B)the reason for his absence/(C)No error

Never did this exhibition of contempt and anger ceased/(A)so long as British rule remained/(B)a live thing in India/(C)No error

I inquired of him/(A)when he is so negligent/(B)in his studies /(C)No error

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You must not miss any question from these tests. As, most of the questions have been repeated in previous entry test examinations. You can attempt every test as much as you wish. In your every attempt, try to increase your success rate, until you achieve 100% success rate.

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