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Spotting Errors MCQ’s Test 4 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests

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Here you can find Spotting Errors MCQ’s Test 4 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests. Ever best free entry test online preparation. Therefore, now you don’t need to pay for online test preparation.

As you know, University of Health Sciences (UHS) holds MCAT & MDCAT examinations. Therefore, our online tests are according to UHS pattern. All online tests include MCQs type questions, just like UHS official MCAT & MDCAT tests.

Spotting Errors MCQ’s Test 4 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests

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NOTE: Don’t forget to check answers of all MCQs at the end of the test T result page. You can memorize all the answers & attempt again. In this way you can improve your test result.

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English Spotting Errors test 4

Total No. of MCQs:25

Time Limit: No

The master did not know/(A)who of the servants/(B)broke the glass/(C)No error

One should make/(A)his best efforts/(B)if one wishes to achieve/(C)success in this organization/(D)No error

The audience:/(A)are requested /(B)to be in its seats/(C)No error

This is the boy/(A)whom I think had won /(B)the gold medal in the Dance competition /(C)No error

This is not the:/(A)sense which /(B)concerns us here/(C)No error

As soon as he/(A)saw his mother/(B)he ran to her/(C)and embraced /(D)No error

He is the general/(A)whom the reporters agree/(B)was most popular with the troops/(C)No error

Our is the only/(A)country in the world/(B)than can boast of /(C)unity in diversity /(D)No erro

Last summer he went/(A)to his uncle's village/(B)and enjoyed very much /(C)No error

Being a destitute:/(A)I admitted him /(B)to an old people's home/(C)No error

Wherever they go,/(A)Indians easily adapt to/(B)local circumstances/(C)No error

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) taught us:/(A)that one should respect/(B)the religions of others/(C)as much as his own /(D)No error

Was it him/(A)who got injured/(B)in an accident this morning /(C)No error

The interviewer asked the candidate/(A)to what district/(B)he came from/(C)No error

I suppose/(A)you have heard the latest news/(B)shahid has married that girl/(C)No error

Due to me being a newcomer/(A)I was unable to get a house/(B)suitable for my wife and me/(C)No error

The number of vehicles/(A)plying on this road/(B)is more than on the main road/(C)No error

May I/(A)know who you want/(B)to see please/(C)No error

The scientist must follow/(A)his huches and his data/(B)wherever it may lead/(C)No error

If I were him:/(A)I would have taught/(B)those cheats a lesson /(C)No error

There is no question/(A)of my failing/(B)in the examination/(C)No error

He is/(A)taller/(B)than me/(C)No error

The ruling party stood/(A)for implementation of the Bill/(B)and was ready to stake their political existence/(C)No error

It is not easy for anyone to command/(A)respect from both one's friends as well as critics /(B)as Dr. Johnson did for his integrity and honesty/(C)No error

He, you and I/(A)will manage /(B)this problem together/(C)No error

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You must not miss any question from these tests. As, most of the questions have been repeated in previous entry test examinations. You can attempt every test as much as you wish. In your every attempt, try to increase your success rate, until you achieve 100% success rate.

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