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English Active & Passive test 2 MCQ’s UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests

MCAT MDCAT English Preparation

Here you can find English Active & Passive test 2 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests. Ever best free entry test online preparation. Therefore, now you don’t need to pay for online test preparation.

As you know, University of Health Sciences (UHS) holds MCAT & MDCAT examinations. Therefore, our online tests are according to UHS pattern. All online tests include MCQs type questions, just like UHS official MCAT & MDCAT tests.

English Active & Passive test 2 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests

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NOTE: Don’t forget to check answers of all MCQs at the end of the test T result page. You can memorize all the answers & attempt again. In this way you can improve your test result.

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English Active & Passive Voice test 2

Total No. of MCQs:20

Time Limit: No

I saw him leaving the house

The teacher punished the boys who had not done their homework.

After driving Professor Arshed Baig to the museum she dropped him at his hotel.

He is throwing the ball.

Did he eat cake?

Who teaches you English?

We hope that we shall win the match

She will build this house.

It is time to ring the bell.

The noise of the traffic kept me awake?

The clown was being laughed at by them.

Somebody told me there had been an explosion in the Town Hall.

People claim to have seen the suspect is claimed to have been seen in several cities.

Why do you waste time?

A lion may be helped even by a little mouse.

I remember my sister taking me to the museum.

You will have finished this work by tomorrow.

Who is creating this mess?

I draw a mp of Pakistan

Who taught her such things?

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You must not miss any question from these tests. As, most of the questions have been repeated in previous entry test examinations. You can attempt every test as much as you wish. In your every attempt, try to increase your success rate, until you achieve 100% success rate.

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Enjoy Free English Active & Passive test 2 UHS MCAT & MDCAT Entry Tests. We offer a verity of tests to prepare all exams & entry tests. Moreover, all tests include important repeated questions. You can increase your success rate in examinations by attempting all these questions.

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