Download English Notes Inter FA FSc Part 1 English Book 1 & 3 fi
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Download English Notes Inter FA FSc Part 1 English Book 1 & 3 Notes

Download English Notes Inter FA FSc Part 1 English Book 1 & 3

Are you looking for Inter Part 1 English notes? You are at right place, as, here you can Download English Notes Inter FA FSc Part 1 English Book 1 & 3 Notes. FA, FSc or Inter Part 1 or First Year students can download all English notes, free of cost. English notes are available for both English books i.e English Book 1 & English Book 3.

Download English Notes Inter FA FSc Part 1 English Book 1 & 3 Notes

Complete, comprehensive & easy to understand Inter 1st Year English Notes. Now you don’t need to buy notes from market. Just download all your required notes & start your exam or test preparation, right now.

How to achieve good marks in English? Thoroughly check paper pattern, scheme of studies, past papers, right neat and clean without cutting or crossing your words or sentences. Moreover, try to convince examiner that you are the best in English subject.

As all FSc Part 1 English notes are in Pdf format, so you’ll need a Pdf file viewer installed on your mobile or PC. Many free Pdf file viewer are available for mobile phones & PC. So, just install any Pdf file viewer & start exam preparation with the help of these best notes.

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Choose a Lesson from English Book 1 to Download Notes

Inter Part 1 English Book 1 Notes
Lesson No.Lesson NameAuthorDownload / View
1Button, ButtonRichard MathesonDownload / View
2Clearing in the SkyJesse StuartDownload / View
3Dark They were, and Golden EyedRay BradburyDownload / View
4Thank you, M’amLangston HughesDownload / View
5The Piece of StringGuy de MaupassantDownload / View
6The RewardLord DunsanyDownload / View
7The Use of ForceWilliam Carlos WilliamsDownload / View
8The Gulistan of Sa’diSheikh Sa’diDownload / View
9The Foolish QuackFolk TaleDownload / View
10A Mild Attack of LocustsDoris LessingDownload / View
11I Have a DreamMartin Luther King Jr.Download / View
12The Gift of the MagiO. HenryDownload / View
13God be PraisedAhmed Nadeem QasmiDownload / View
14OvercoatGhulam AbbasDownload / View
15The Angel and the Author – and OthersJerome K. JeromeDownload / View

Check: You can Download Inter Part 1 English Book 1 here

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Choose a Unit from English Book 3 to Download Notes

Inter Part 1 English Book 3 Notes

Book 3 Plays Part

Sr.No.Play NameAuthorDownload / View
1Heat LightningRobert F. CarrollDownload / View
2Visit to a Small PlanetGore VidalDownload / View
3The Oyster and the PearlWilliam SaroyanDownload / View

Book 3 Poems Part

Sr.No.Poem NamePoetDownload / View
1The RainW.H DaviesDownload / View
2Night MailW. H. AudenDownload / View
3Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry NowA. E. HousmanDownload / View
4O Where are You Going?W.H. AudenDownload / View
5In the Street of the Fruit StallsJon StallworthyDownload / View
6A Sindhi WomanJon StallworthyDownload / View
7TimesEcclesiastesDownload / View
8OzymandiasP.B ShelleyDownload / View
9The FeedAhmad Nadeem QasmiDownload / View
10The Hollow MenT.S EliotDownload / View
11LeisureW. H. DaviesDownload / View
12Ruba’iyatAllama Muhammad IqbalDownload / View
13A Tale of Two CitiesCharles DickensDownload / View
14My Neighbour Friend Breathing His Last! Baba Bullah Shah (Translated by A.R. Luther)Download / View
15He Came to Know HimselfSachal SarmastDownload / View
16God’s AttributesJalaluddin Rumi (Translated by Dr. Nichalson)Download / View
17The Delight SongN. Scott MomadayDownload / View
18Love – an Essence of All ReligionsJalaluddin RumiDownload / View
19A Man of Words and Not of DeedsCharles PerraultDownload / View
20In Broken ImagesRobert GravesDownload / View

Check: You can Download Inter Part 1 English Book 3 here

Enjoy Free Download English Notes Inter FA FSc Part 1 English Book 1 & 3 Notes. In case of any query, feel free to contact us.

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