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BA Economics Guess Paper Success Guaranteed

BA Economics Guess Paper Success Guaranteed

Are you looking for BA Economics Guess Paper A? You are at right place, as here you can find best BA Economics Guess Paper Success Guaranteed. With the help of this excellent Economics guess you’ll surely get high marks. Therefore, don’t miss to prepare this guess for passing your BA final exam’s Economics paper.

BA Economics Guess Paper Success Guaranteed Paper A

Frequently Asked Questions (2012 to 2018)
Given the National income Model Y = C + 1 + G Where C = 50 + 0.75, Yd = Y – T, T = 10 + 0.1 Y, 1 = 1 = 20, G = G = 15
a) Find ? b) Value of Tax Multiplier and MPC

Find out equilibrium level of National Income 👍 and equilibrium level of consumption (C ). Also estimate MPC and APC at equilibrium level of consumption with the help of National Income Models.

Define the Derivative and Partial Derivative with the help of examples. Also explain the rules of differentiation.

Find the derivative of y²=x³+3x². / Find the derivative of the following Function: Y = 2x³ —5x² / x² – 1

The Demand function and Average cost function of a firm given below. Q – 90 + 2p = 0, AC = Q² – 8Q + 57 + 2/Q Find a) That quantity of output where Total Revenue (TR) and Profit are maximum. b) Prove that the Profit is maximum at that quantity of output Where MC = MR, π = 160x – 3x² – 2xy – 2y² + 120 18

Demand and Average Cost (Ac) Functions of a monopolist Firm are given as P = 30 – 0.75Q, Ac = 30/Q +9 + 0.3Q Find out the output at which i) Total Revenues are the maximum ii) Average cost is the minimum iii) Profit is the maximum.

Find out MPc when Consumption Function and Lumpsurn Tax Function are given as.
C = 120 + 0.8 Yd
Yd = Y – T
T = 50

From the given information.
Y=C+I+G C = 85 + 0.75Yd Yd=Y—T
In = 30 G = 20 T = 20 + 0.2 Y
Find out the equilibrium level of National Income mathematically and.graphically by using the aggregate demand and aggregate supply approach.

Best BA Economics Guess Paper Success Guaranteed

Suppose the total utility function is U = q₁q₂ Price of 1 commedity (P₁=15) and Price of commedity 2 (P₂=5) and consumption income is 150/- Find out the consumers equilibrium position.

Given the following Demand and Supply functions Qd = 196 — 5P, Qs = 20+3P. a) Find equilibrium Price and equilibrium QTY? b) Find new equilibrium Price and new QTY if govt. imposes Rs. 8/- per Unit Excise duty on the Commodity. Also prove with the help of Schedule and diagram?

Total Utility Function and other necessary information is given as U = q₁ q₂ Income of the consumer= Y = Rs.150/- P₁= Rs.15/—, P₂ = Rs.5/— Find out the equilibrium position of the Consumer in above Situation?

Find the Minima of Y = 2W + 4V function in the presence of UV²= 64 (Constraint Function).

What is Meant by the Market economy? How does basic Economic Problems solved in market economy?

Explain the role of Prices in market Economy with reference to allocation of Resources, Patterns of Consumption and foreign Trade?

Define indifference Curve. How can Demand curve of a Commodity derived with the help of a Price consumption curve?

Define indifference Curve. In case when price (X) falls. what will be effect on Income, price and substitute? Explain with diagram.

Ever Best BA Economics Guess Paper Success Guaranteed

Explain the Cardinal measurement of Utility theory. How does a consumer achieve equilibrium according to this theory? Also derive the consumer’s demand curve through this theory.

Prove with diagram that supply curve of the Firm is that portion of MC Curve, which lies above the AVC curve under Perfect Competition in short Period?

Derive Demand Curve of the Consumer with the help of Prince Consumption (FCC) Curve, using the example of Giffent commodity?

Derivation of Demand Curve of the Consumer with the help of Pcc?

Explain the factor of Production theory in MOdern View.

How Demand Curve of Labour Can be derived when firm is using one Variable Factor under Perfect competition? Explain.

How supply Curve of a Firm is derived intShort Period with the help of Marginal Cost Curve under Perfect Competition?

Explain Price Consumption Curve (Pcc) with detail.

Explain how long period supply curve of a perfectly competitive industry is derived under: (a) Increasing cost industry. (b) Decreasing cost industry.

The law of variable proportion with the help of a table and a diagram.

Explain Law of Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution with diagnun. / Define Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution (MRTS). Explain equilibrium of the Firm with the help of lsoquant analysis. / What is meant by the term Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution? How is the optimum factors combination achieved with the help of Iso-product curves?

Explain the Concept of Marginal Rate of Substitution (MRS) with the help of Schedule and diagram?

Explain the Marginal Productivity theory and critically examine. its assumptions.

What is meant by Elasticity of Demand? How can it be measured?

If the market demand function for monopolist’s product is: Q + 2P = 10. 6Calculate the elasticity of demand when marginal revenue is zero.

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Differentiate between Prince Elasticity of demand and Income elasticity of demand. How these are measured?

Explain Cross elasticity of demand, How it is measured?

Find out Price Elasticity of demand when demand function is given as: Pq = 800

Find the Elasticity of Supply at Price Rs. 10/- and Rs. 20/- per Unit, when supply equation is given as qs = 200 +4P +0.1P²

Write a short note on cross elasticity of demand

Given Demand Function as 8q + 2P = 56 Find out the Price elasticity of demand at Price, Rs. 3/- per unit.

Define Monopolistic Competition, flow Price and output are determined in monopolistic competition?

Why we can adjustinent (P) and (Q) in Cartle?

Explain Differentiate in Monoplisic and Perfect competition According to Price (P) and Qtiantity (Q).

Define Monoplic competition? Why we can describe the price and quantity in Monoplic competition. Explain its diagram.

Explain the perfect competition model in (SRC) and (ERC) According to Supply Care.

Write comprehensive notes on Dumping.

“Dumping is actually another name of price discrimination in the sphere of international trade.” Explain your answer with the help of diagram.

Explain the conditions for finding out the point of Inflexion.

Explain the concept of point of Inflexion with the help of example?

What are the maxima and minima? Explain with the help of examples.

If y= 2x³ — 3x² — 12x + 2. Find the maxima, minima and point of inflexion.

Find out the maxima, minima and pOint of inflexion of the following function; (if exist) Y = 12 – 12X + X³

Discuss the basic problems of micro economics theory. How these problems are solved in CapitalistIC Society? Explain.

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Explian the relative importance of Micro and Macro economics.

Critically examine Cardinal Theory of Consumer behaviour with the help of diagram.

How Price and output are determined in monopoly in long Period? Show with the help of diagrams. / How Price and output is determined in long Period under Monopoly?

Detail Explain Inverse Function with the help of suitable examples.

The Price Mechanism with diagram.

What is oligopoly? Explain Leadership model of oligopoly, when firm is producing the commodity at low cost.

Explain the main features of Islamic Economic System?

Differentiate between Function and Relation and Implicit function.

Explain the Concept of Exponential Function with the help of examples?

Write comprehensive note on budget line of the Consumer.

Explain Identical Equation with the help of suitable examples.

Distinguish between Conditional Equation and Identical Equation with the help of examples?

Identify the endogenous and exogenous Variables?

Explain how a producer achieves an optimum or least Cost Combination of Labour and Capital for producing a particular level of production?

Write Comprehensive notes on the followings: Low Cost Price Leadership Model. Modern Theory of Pricing of Factor of Production (Labour). Marginal Rate of Substitution.

Distinguish between continuous variable and discontinuous variable.

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