AIOU BEd All Codes Past Papers of all AIOU BEd Programs fi

AIOU BEd All Codes Past Papers of all AIOU BEd Programs

AIOU BEd All Codes Past Papers of all AIOU BEd Programs

Are you looking for AIOU BEd Past Papers? Here you can free download AIOU BEd All Codes Past Papers of all AIOU BEd Programs. Previous five years Past Papers of all AIOU BEd Programs’s all codes are available at one place. Therefore, you don’t need to search for each code individually, anywhere else.

Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) offers four different BEd programs on the basis of education level. All these four programs are for Teacher Training. Following are four AIOU BEd programs & the past papers of all these programs are available at one place.

  • B.Ed-(1-1/2-Years)
  • B.Ed-(2-1/2-Years)
  • B.Ed-Elementary Teacher Education (4-Years)
  • B.Ed-Secondary Teacher Education (4-Years)

AIOU BEd All Codes Past Papers of all AIOU BEd Programs

Introduction to BEd Program:

The emerging needs & shortage of human development resources mixed with higher qualities of leadership in the field of education at national level demand personnel, who have sound professional & academic background in the field teacher education. This program provides such academic opportunities to teachers. It aimed at providing education & training facilities to teachers, administrators and master graduates in the country. (BEd program’s more official details)

AIOU has introduced a wide range of Teacher Training programs. Four BEd programs are also a chain of Teacher Training. These are a distance learning mode programs with atmost five & at least four components:

  1. Study Material
  2. Assignments
  3. Workshops
  4. Examination
  5. Thesis (Optional)

Teaching Methodology: AIOU allots Study Centre & Tutors for the Students to get guideline accordingly. A student has to secure passing marks in Assignments, as well as in final exams to successfully complete his/her BEd program.

The University also sends study material to students for each course with guidelines to solve assignments and prepare exams. All student of BEd have to attend 2 Days Workshop for Each course.

What are Benefits of Past Papers?

Past Papers of AIOU BEd act like guess papers. Moreover, these are helpful for understanding the paper paper pattern of upcoming exams. You can check how a particular subject’s or code’s paper is settled. Hence, you should not ignore the importance of Past Papers.

Similarly, AIOU BEd Past Papers also determine, which units or chapters are more important as compared to others. As, questions of past papers reveal this secret, if you focus on them.

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We strive to collect each year’s exam papers of BEd program’s all codes. So that the next badge of BEd program’s Students may get benefits from these Past Papers.

AIOU BEd All Codes Past Papers

400 all Codes BEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload / View
401General Math & StatisticsDownload / View
402Educational Psychology & GuidanceDownload / View
403Classroom ManagementDownload / View
416Islamic StudiesDownload / View
417Pakistan StudiesDownload / View
418EthicsDownload / View
424English Compulsory-II (Core)Download / View
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1400 all Codes BEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload / View
1423English Compulsory-I (Core)Download / View
1425English (Teaching Writing & Presentation SkillsDownload / View
1431Basics of Information & Communication TechnologyDownload / View
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1600 all Codes BEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload / View
1651Child DevelopmentDownload / View
1655Teaching of EnglishDownload / View
1659Teaching of UrduDownload / View
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5400 all Codes BEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload / View
5403Basics of Information & Communication TechnologyDownload / View
5404Compulsory English-IDownload / View
5411Compulsory English-IIDownload / View
5428Educational Research & StatisticsDownload / View
5436IslamiatDownload / View
5437EthicsDownload / View
5438Pakistan StudiesDownload / View
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6400 all Codes BEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload /View
6400General Methods of TeachingDownload / View
6401General Mathematics & StatisticsDownload / View
6404General ScienceDownload / View
6405Education in PakistanDownload / View
6406Curriculum DevelopmentDownload / View
6407Classroom AssessmentDownload / View
6408Teaching of Islamic Studies & Pak StudiesDownload / View
6409Teaching of MathDownload / View
6410Arts Craft & CalligraphyDownload / View
6411Foundations of EducationDownload / View
6412School Society & TeacherDownload / View
6413Introduction to Inclusive EducationDownload / View
6414Teaching of General ScienceDownload / View
6415Short term Teaching PracticeDownload / View
6416UrduDownload / View
6435Foundation of Science EducationDownload / View
6436Assessment in Science EducationDownload / View
6437Teaching Strategies in Science EducationDownload / View
6441Physics-IDownload / View
6446Mathematics-IDownload / View
6451Biology-IDownload / View
6456Chemistry-IDownload / View
6464Research ProjectDownload / View
6465Basics of Technical EnglishDownload / View
6466Comparative EducationDownload / View
6468English-I (Content Major)Download / View
6469English-II (Content Major)Download / View
6470English-III (Content Major)Download / View
6471English-IV (Content Major)Download / View
6473Islamic Studies-I (Content Major)Download / View
6474Islamic Studies-II (Content Major)Download / View
6475Islamic Studies-III (Content Major)Download / View
6476Islamic Studies-IV (Content Major)Download / View
6478Urdu-I (Content Major)Download / View
6479Urdu-II (Content Major)Download / View
6480Urdu-III (Content Major)Download / View
6483Home Economics-I (Content Major)Download / View
6484Home Economics-II (Content Major)Download / View
6485Home Economics-III (Content Major)Download / View
6488Pakistan Studies-I (Content Major)Download / View
6489Pakistan Studies-II (Content Major)Download / View
6490Pakistan Studies-III (Content Major)Download / View
6493Pedagogy-I Teaching of EnglishDownload / View
6494Pedagogy – Teaching of UrduDownload / View
6495Teaching of Pakistan StudiesDownload / View
6496Pedagogy – Teaching of Home EconomicsDownload / View
6497Pedagogy-II Teaching of Islamic StudiesDownload / View
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8600 all Codes BEd AIOU Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload / View
8601General Methods of Teaching (Professional)Download / View
8602Educational Assessment & Evaluation (Professional)Download / View
8603Curriculum Development (Foundation)Download / View
8604Research Methods in Education (Professional)Download / View
8605Educational Leadership & Management (Professional)Download / View
8606Citizenship Education & Community EngagementDownload / View
8607Teaching Practice I (Professional)Download / View
8608Teaching Practice II (Professional)Download / View
8609Philosophy of Education (Foundation)Download / View
8610Human Development & Learning (Foundation)Download / View
8611Critical Thinking & Reflective Practices (Professional)Download / View
8612Professionalism in Teaching (Professional)Download / View
8613Research Project (Content Embedded) (Professional)Download / View
8614Educational Statistics (Professional)Download / View
8615Management Strategies In Educational InstitutionsDownload / View
8616School Administration And SupervisionDownload / View
8617Plan Implementation And Educational ManagementDownload / View
8618School LeadershipDownload / View
8619Educational TechnologyDownload / View
8620Computers in EducationDownload / View
8621Broadcast MediaDownload / View
8622Non Broadcast MediaDownload / View
8623Elementary EducationDownload / View
8624Secondary EducationDownload / View
8625Higher EducationDownload / View
8626Teacher Education in PakistanDownload / View
8627Foundation of Science EducationDownload / View
8628Assessment in Science EducationDownload / View
8629Laboratory Organization, Management and Safety MethodsDownload / View
8630Introduction to Inclusive EducationDownload / View
8631Introduction to Special EducationDownload / View
8632Inclusive Education: Adaptations in CurriculumDownload / View
8633Inclusive Education: Adaptation in Instruction & EvaluationDownload / View
8634Foundations of ReadingDownload / View
8635Teaching ReadingDownload / View
8636Reading DifficultiesDownload / View
8637Reading AssessmentDownload / View
8638General Science in SchoolsDownload / View
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Elective / Major Courses AIOU BEd Past Papers

Course CodeCourse NameDownload / View
★Leadership and Management (Course-I)Download / View
★Educational Technology & Evaluation (Course-II)Download / View
★Teacher Education (Course-III)Download / View
★Science Education (Course-IV)Download / View

Enjoy free AIOU BEd All Codes Past Papers of all AIOU BEd Programs. In case of any further query, feel free to comment below or contact us.

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